• Radio Variety Hour


    Radio Variety Hour is an hour-long comedy theatre show unlike anything you've seen (or heard) since about 1950... part loving parody and part improvised chaos.


    RVH pays homage to the radio shows of old, when families would gather by the wireless to hear their heroes explore the deepest darkest jungle, their favourite hard-knuckle detective cleverly solve a crime, send chills up their spine with the tale of a haunted house or have their mind expanded with a far-out space adventure.


    The brainchild of comedians Bert Goldsmith, Sam Marzden and Lauren Bok, RVH is all these things and more. With the trio playing all characters, performing sound effects live on stage with a variety of household objects, singing old-time ads and often laughing more than the crowd, Radio Variety Hour is a comedy with something for everyone.


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  • Cast

    Meet the gang

    Lauren Bok

    Performer and Producer

    Lauren Bok is a Melbourne-based comedian with a bright, witty, physical style. She is a regular on the comedy circuit in Melbourne and interstate, and appears nationally on Channel 31’s Live on Bowen, Games Night, OffBeat and About Tonight.

    In 2015 she debuted her solo comedy show Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito at Melbourne Fringe, which was well received with sold-out performances.

    Earlier in 2015 she performed stand-up in 2 States of Lauren Bok and Bridget Fahey at Producer’s Bar in Adelaide Fringe, and in Wander Women, a travel-based sketch show, at the Portland Hotel for Melbourne international Comedy Festival. Previously she was part of stand-up/sketch duo Sullivan and Bok at the Imperial Hotel in 2013, and performed in Radio Variety Hour, nominated for Best Comedy (Emerging) Adelaide Fringe 2012.

    She also produces Radio Variety Hour.

    Sam Marzden

    Performer and Writer

    Sam Marzden is a Canberra native. From his mid teens he was a constant face on the local music as front man of local rock legends Penguin. He’s lived in Melbourne for four years where he’s been making a name for himself on the comedy scene as a performer and writer. His one man show The History of Rock’n’Roll (1962-1989) played to rave reviews at Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festival, MICF and Canberra. Following the last Radio Variety Hour, Sam has had a successful one man festival show Peculiar Avenue and has recently become the darling of the Melbourne musical theatre scene with starring roles in Spamalot, Urinetown and Jesus Christ Superstar.

    Bert Goldsmith

    Performer and Writer

    Bert Goldsmith is a comedian, writer, dancer and entertainer with an extensive range of experience on both stage and radio. Since making his comedy debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011, Bert has performed at Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne Fringe festivals, the Canberra Comedy Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in sketch comedy, stand up, plays and audience-interactive quiz shows such as Bert's most recent show "Sitcom Theme Song Singalong". In 2012, the show he wrote and performed in alongside Lauren Bok & Sam Marzden "Radio Variety Hour" was nominated for Best Newcomer - Emerging. During Perth Fringe this year, Bert was invited to host the Perth Fringe World Regional Kid's Comedy Gala which travelled to Esperance and Ravensthorpe WA to perform for sold-out audiences. When not performing in a Fringe, Bert can be seen most weeknights performing stand-up around Perth.

  • Latest Season

    You missed it, but here's the details.

    Radio Variety Hour

    Season 3

    Perth FringeWorld

    February 2016

    Venue: Noodle Palace


    Melbourne Interational Comedy Festival

    March/April 2016

    Venue: The Butterfly Club


    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith


    Written by Sam Marzden with Bert Goldsmith and Lauren Bok

    Produced by Lauren Bok



    Joan Jackson: Female Private Detective

    "Stars In Their Eyes, Knives In Their Back"

    Peculiar Ave

    The Rock n Roll Children


    Song: Cloudburst


    "A riotous 50 minutes of pure 1950s comedy gold"

    "One incredibly fun hour...there’s never a dull moment"

    "It doesn’t get much better than this"

    - The Plus Ones

  • Past Seasons

    Information on Seasons 1 and 2

    {Insert Sponsor Here} Radio Variety Hour

    Season 1

    Adelaide Fringe 2012

    Venue: La Chandelle

    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith

    Written and Produced by: Bert Goldsmith



    Joan Jackson

    Mort and Maisy

    Nebraska Brown


    "Trying to salvage itself in a landscape where the actors have been poached, the sponsors are pulling out, and a sound man hasn't been engaged. Two actors and the producer go 'live to air', doing everything they can to hold the show together."

    - Glamadelaide


    Nominated for Best Comedy (Emerging) 2012 Adelaide Fringe

    Radio Variety Hour

    Season 2

    Melbourne Fringe 2013

    Venue: The Loft, Lithuanian Club

    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith, Ben Vernel


    Adelaide Fringe 2014

    Venue: Producer's Bar

    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith, Ben Vernel


    Canberra Comedy Festival 2014

    Venue: Old Parliament House, in conjunction with Enlighten Festival

    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith, Ben Vernel


    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014

    Venue: Comedy on Collins

    Cast: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden, Bert Goldsmith, Rosie Vernel


    Written by Sam Marzden with Bert Goldsmith

    Produced by Lauren Bok



    Joan Jackson: Blind Justice

    Jet Propulsion: Privateer on the Final Frontier

    Peculiar Avenue


    "We laughed, we cheered and were regularly on the edge of our seats. This was a fun hour of nostalgia with brilliantly constructed stories to enthrall all ages."

    Squirrel Comedy


    "The show’s fast pace and quirky style keeps everybody laughing and entertained-⋆⋆⋆⋆"

    10 emerging comedians to watch MICF 2014


    "Together they display incredible talent – at times they are each keeping track of as many as two or three characters, with accents changing almost seamlessly throughout."

    On Dit


    " It's an evening of family fun that's sure to get a laugh out of every festival-goer" ArtSmitten

    "I never knew a cabbage could be so hilarious" - YAWP Magazine

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